Classic Fibre Glass introduced FRP both sides finished sheets in Pakistan since 2009. Manual sheets have thick edges and thin body but CFG sheets made through automatic production that’s why we have shining on both sides and same thickness in the whole sheet

CFG using the best quality raw materials which make our sheet very high quality and we are confident to give a guarantee to our customers. Our production line has very hot ovens and very cool chillers to make the sheet so hard that you can easily face all the weather conditions. We are applying PVC film on both sides to protect the shining to the sheet.

Product Features

  • High transmittance Soft Light.
  • good Aging Resistance, Durable.
  • Strong Corrosion Resistance widely used.
  • Fire Smoke, No Melting Drops.
  • Good Flexible Impact resistance.
  • Thermal Insulation environment.
  • Protection and Energy Saving.
  • Easy Installation, Saving Time and Labour.
  • Rain Clean and Durable Cleaning.
  • Version of Variety of Stereotypes.
  • Processing
  • Reliable Performance and PRofessional Testing.

Colors Available in Transparent Sheet

The Colors are as follow

  • transparent Blue.
  • Transparent Green.